Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Camera Map

Zenza Bronica S2 Map

Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Camera Manual Map.

1. Viewfinder Hood: Made of light, durable titanium, provided with 4 power magnifying glass.
2. Synchro Terminal: Automatic switch-over synchronization which is coupled with the shutter speed. The flash terminal accepts a standard connecting cord (German type).
3. Helicoid (Detachable Type): Specially designed for sturdy mounting of all lenses without vibrations, also permitting minimum focusing distances.
4. Shutter Dial: The red, white, green and yellow colors of shutter dial numbers are color codes for flash synchro photography.
5. Dark Slide: When the dark slide is in the camera, the shutter will work even if the shutter button is pressed.
6. Manual Depth-Of-Field Preview Button: By pressing this depth-of-field preview button, the depth-of-field can be visually checked on the ground glass before exposing.
7. Focusing Hood Retaining Lock: Interchangeable with Prism Viewfinder or magnifying Hood.
8. Helicoid Release Button: When using bellows Attachment for close-up photographs, or long focal length interchangeable lenses (400mm and over) already fitted with a helicoid focusing device, the camera’s helicoid mount can be removed.
9. Film Winding Crank: Folding type.
10. Aperture Ring: Mounted on lens.
11. Shutter Button: Provided with safety lock. Shutter release lock device can be used for “T” exposure.
12. Film Counter: Automatic resetting type.
13. Film Type Indicator Mask: Accepts end of film boxes. An indispensable device for the S2 camera when using interchangeable film back magazines.
14. Switch Lever For 24 Exposure Film: Flip lever with automatic indicator for 12 or 24 exposures.
15. Cable Release Socket: Sockets provided both on shutter release button and under camera body.
16. Manual Film Winder: This winder advances film in the film back magazine for loading.
17. Camera Strap Stud: Exclusive quick-snap design with safety lock, for fast, easy attachment or removal.