Zenza Bronica S2 Cámara SLR (Español)

Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Camera

Bronica S2 camera is a high-quality Japanese-made camera. Despite having the nickname of the Hasselblad how poor is in many ways superior in its construction, quality and sharpness. The Bronica S2 was first introduced in 1972. Bronica S2 camera takes 120 and 220 6×6 medium format film. The Bronica S2 camera is functional and easy to use but much heavier than their cameras counterpart, so I think my Bronica S2 represented here in this blog, it works much better as a studio camera on a tripod, then it’s cameras counterpart or even my Hasselblad 500CM V series.

Zenza Bronica S2 lens is unique, and has a wide angle lens, and also Bronica interchangeable view finders. The mirror assembly and design are unique. It has a long telescopic lens extra, too, resulting in sharper images.

With Bronica S2 camera, film loading is easy. For many years, the Bronica S2 camera was used by professionals for wedding photographs and portraits. In fact, Bronica S2 cameras are still widely used by professional photographers. It is more affordable than other cameras, another great feature of the camera Bronica S2 is its mechanical shutter and mirror two parts. Changes to the bottom down and swings side up top, this not only allows the use of sunken lenses, but also means that the “shock mirror” the two mirrors is in opposite directions, so that a blockade mirror is not needed. Zenza Bronica S2 accessories are easy to find. Used Bronica S2 cameras are still in great demand. Instructional manuals and repair manuals are available if required.

Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Manual

The Zenza Bronica S2 is the Last 6cm x 6cm single-lens reflex camera. interchangeable with the new film magazine allows changing the type of film mid-roll (black and white to color or color to black and white, interior light of day, etc. ..) and the execution of several rolls film without reloading. Or exposure 12 120, or 24 exposure film roll 220 can be used in S2.

  • Shutter: Vertical running focal plane shutter. B, 1 and 1/1000, “X” (1/40), “T” (Time).
  • Film Back: removable by inserting dark slides. provided support for the film and redesigned shift lever for 24 exposure film roll 220.
  • Standard Lens: Nikkor 75mm F2.8.
  • Diaphragm: fully automatic diaphragm. Always with the button of depth of field preview.
  • Mirror: Flip-down, instant return mirror Automatic system
  • Visor Hood: detachable type with loupe. Swap Hood with Visor Prism or increase.
  • Focusing: Helicoid mounting system. Fully removable.
  • Flash sync: automatic synchronization system switching. Class bulb FP sync at all shutter speeds except “X”. M bulb synchronization class B, 1 to 1/125. Class F bulb timing B, 1 – 1/15. Electronic flash synchronization “X” (1/40). B, 1 – 1/15
  • 24 Device Exposure: For the simple flip of a switch 24 exposure.
  • Camera Body: Made of 18-8 stainless steel.

Instant return Automatic Mirror: The mirror reflects the Zenza Bronica incorporates an original and unique mechanism. not found in any single-lens reflex camera. Instead of moving up, the instant return mirror Bronica slides down and forward. allowing the use of wide angle lenses and other deep mounted. After exposure the mirror instantly and automatically returns to the display.

Interchangeable Film Back Magazine: You do not have to carry two cameras when you want to use the black and white and color films simultaneously. The film deposition of new interchangeable S2 is detachable from the camera body. After taking each picture, you can exchange a magazine Back preloaded movie to another journal. Several types of film can be used simultaneously in a Bronica S2 camera. Due to the perfect automatic operation of the magazine again with the film camera body, dual inadvertent exposure and prevents the film is advanced only after exposure.

Unique highly efficient Shutter: Vertical In Zenza Bronica, focal shutter panel features a special stabilizing device, ensuring evenly balanced exposure throughout the area of the large 6×6 film even at high shutter speeds. B, 1 – 1/1000. “X” (1/40

24 Exposure Device Setting: When the 220 ​​24-exposure roll of film can be obtained. This is an original device approved easier than other cameras of Bronica 6×6 to use this type of movie. For the simple cover of a lever, you can use exposure film rolls 12 120 or 24 200 exposure roll film. (More information is explained in the explanatory settings later devices).

  1. Visor Hood: Made of lightweight, durable titanium, equipped with 4 power magnifier.
  2. Synchro Terminal: Automatic switching of synchronization which is coupled to the shutter speed. The flash terminal accepts a standard connection cable (German type).
  3. Helical (detachable type): Specially designed for sturdy mounting of all objectives vibration, also allowing minimum focusing distances.
  4. Shutter Dial: Red, white, green and yellow colors of the shutter dial numbers are the color codes for flash photography synchronized.
  5. Darkslide: When Darkslide in the camera, the shutter works even if the shutter button is pressed.
  6. Manual depth of field preview button: Press this button to preview depth of field, depth of field can be checked visually on the glass floor before exposure.
  7. Focusing Hood Lock Retention interchangeable with Hood Visor Prism or increase.
  8. Button helical delivery: Where Annex bellows for close-ups or long 400mm interchangeable lenses (and more) focal length is used already have a helical focusing device, the helical chamber assembly can be removed.
  9. Film Winding Crank: folding type.
  10. Ring Opening: Mounted on the lens.
  11. Shutter Button: Supplied with security lock. The shutter locking device can be used for “T” of exposure.
  12. Film counter: Automatic reset type.
  13. Film Type Mask Indicator: Pet final film boxes. An indispensable device for S2 camera using interchangeable magazines back film.
  14. The lever switch for 24 exposure film: Flip lever with automatic indicator for 12 or 24 exposures.
  15. Cable release socket: Socket provided both the trigger and under the camera body.
  16. Manual Winder Film: This film winder advances in film magazine back for charging.
  17. Camera Stud Strap: Exclusive Quick-Snap design with safety lock for fast, easy attachment or removal.

Removing the film Back reminder:

Insert the silver lining in the back film-minder/magazine. Hold the camera in your left hand. With your right hand, hold the film on back-Minder with the thumb protruding edge of the dark slide. Press the beam inward with your thumb. This will release the film on back-Minder camera. Remove the back by tilting and lifting the hinge open at the bottom. Note: The dark slide is only necessary for the removal of the back of the camera film minder and must be removed after back is attached to the camera.

How to load film magazine Zenza Bronica S2 in

  1. Lift frame indicator bell movie and press stop on the right, and again the spring opens.
  2. Press both buttons together and lift off film holder.
  3. Insert empty spool on top of the film reel and cool in the background. Reels are inserted by pressing the plates against the spring pressure on the left side.
  4. Draw down leading role and through the film pressure plate to ensure that the leading role is outside the black side.
  5. Insert the end of paper in the receiver coil and a turn wide.
  6. Press to control and insert the film holder on the film back and make sure the bolts fit movie stand firmly in support of the film place.if is not yet in position, turn slightly and push film reel holder film again until it clicks into place (Make sure to instruct film reel in the direction of the arrow.)
  7. Film advance with the wind in the back manual film film until the film start mark match support red dot.
  8. Close again by lock hood covered the red mark.
  9. The indicator film frame is designed to accept the end flap of the box to empty film to indicate the type of film loaded in the film back.
  10. Only even numbers are displayed in the window of exposure count after the number “8” appears. Odd numbers are indicated by a line.
  11. After past (12 or 24), exposure, wind forward until the indicator on the meter window film does not move.
  12. Open the rear cover and remove the film holder by pressing both buttons together.

As a Zenza Bronica S2 the

  1. To cock shutter and film advance, turn the handle clockwise until it stops (Be sure to keep turning the crank until it stops, even if you hear a sound halfway.’s Sound means that the shutter is wound, but film is not advanced yet. pressing the shutter button will result in a double exposure).
  2. Turn the desired aperture (“f-stop”): align white dot. Intermediate apertures can be used between the “click” stops.
  3. To open focusing hood, hood lock slider on the right. To close, press down the sides, then backward and then the lid.
  4. Magnifier increases when the cover is pushed. Press down magnifier in place before closing the hood.
  5. Focus rotating helical Watching the image on frosted glass.
  6. Approach scales 75mm standard lens and 200mm telephoto lens in white and flakes 135mm telephoto and wide-angle 50 mm are red. The four red dots to the right of the mark of infinity (∞) are the infinite points when using infrared film.
  7. From the depth of field scale for all lenses are also shown. Line between f8 and f5.6 F4 represents.
  8. When the preview button is pressed, the diaphragm to the preselected aperture is closed. The depth of field can be checked visually. (Critical focus and see are made with full aperture.)

Cable Release:

After selecting the shutter speed and aperture, advance the film by turning the film winding knob clockwise to a firm stop. Focus the lens and you are now ready to make an exposure. To avoid camera movement, it is desirable to use a cable release when a slow shutter speed used. Socket release button both body and release button below the preview depth of field provided.

Time exposure device:

When the “T” (Time) exposure is desired, set the shutter speed dial to “B”, press the release button and turn the body tip lever to the left until it snaps into place. This will keep the shutter open. To close the shutter, turn the tip of the button to the right.

Security Lock:

The release button body has a safety lock. When the camera is done with the shutter cocked, it is best to set the lock. To set the security lock, turn the tip of the release button to the right. When the red dot is positioned outside the shutter is locked.


Making double or multiple exposures:

Your Bronica has a buildt protection against accidental double exposures. However, there are times when deliberate double exposures can be desired. First, after making a presentation, insert dark slide and remove the film-minder/Magazine. Second turn the crank forward until the shutter is wound. Replace the film-Minder in the body of the camera and remove the dark slide. Now you can make a second exposure.

Exposure Device Setting:

Roll film 120 allows 6×6 (2.1 / 4 “x 2.1 / 4”) exposures. Twenty exposures can be obtained on 220 roll film. Picture (A) shows the position of the lever when used 220 roll film. Hold down the switch lever lock button and move the lever until the arrow indicator to “12” brand. After exposure, the handle 12 forward end of the film remaining continuous film take-up reel without resistance. Picture (B) shows the position of the lever 220 when used in roll film. Toggle switch lock button must also be pressed to move the lever until the arrow points to “24” mark. Thus the film winder crank will stop at each exposure to number 24 before becoming “free”, which allows the remaining film roll is settled.

Flash: The flash Bronica terminal accepts a standard cable (PC German type)

With neck strap:

The shoulder strap has at each end coupling. Place the mating connectors on the camera strap studs on each side of the camera and press, and then adjust the strap length. remove, lift or raise the wings of metal stud and camera at the same time lift the docking connector.

Objectives interchange:

To remove the lens: (A) zoom lens rotating helix to the position of closest approach. (B) Press bayonet with the thumb, and turn left. (Counterclockwise), remove the lens by pulling it out. To mount the lens: (C) Align the red dots on the lens and assembly. Insert gently to a complete stop. Turn right (clockwise) until it snaps closed bayonet. The interchangeable lens system Zenza Bronica S2 Model can be used with previous cameras Bronica model bayonet, screw thread (diameter 57 mm, pitch 1 mm) shown in the image (C) is new S2 models and allows extension tube set and some very long telephoto lenses to be mounted.

Auto-Nikkor Lens:

The use of Nikkor optics represents a guarantee of image quality offered by any other SLR 2 ¼ square. In fact, it is only natural for cameras so meticulously designed and manufactured to be identified with the best lenses available.
All Nikkor lenses for Bronica S2 are equipped with machine will reopen diaphragms.

Komura Lens:

Chosen by professional photographers for a variety of reasons: Practices medium focal length of the lens, speed, exceptional optical and mechanical performance and excellent image quality. Eight different lenses, five automatic re-open apertures. All are supplied with hood and leather case. Komura / Bronica lenses are moderately prices.

With this wide array of fourteen high quality lenses to fall back on, the user never needs Bronica confused by lack of the right lens, in any situation.

With focusing hood:

The focusing hood Zenza Bronica S2 Model can be easily removed and inserted. You can use the prism finder for eye level focusing or magnifying hood outdoors is adjustable for individual eyes. [NB, using a + / – range diopter magnifier]

(1) Press up the focusing hood lock retaining the front of the camera plate and remove name body.
(2) By inserting the focusing hood according to the two ends on the rear side of the cap frame focus and the two holes in the back of the hood approach.
Press down and lock the front side of the hood approach.

With focusing hood:

The focusing hood Zenza Bronica S2 Model can be easily removed and inserted. You can use the prism finder for eye level focusing or magnifying hood outdoors is adjustable for individual eyes.

(1) Press up on the focusing hood lock retainer on the front plate of the camera name and remove.
(2) When inserting the cap approach, according to the two ends on the back side cap focus frame and holes in the rear side of the focusing hood. Press down and lock the front side of the hood approach.

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