Rolleiflex 4.0 FW TLR Camera

Rollei Rolleiflex 4.0 FW Medium Format TLR Camera with Built-in 50mm f/4.0 HFT Lens: The Rollei Legend! It is not only music and fashion that one-time best-sellers are staging a comeback. In technology also time-tried classical product are on an upsurge.

After the Rolleiflex 2.8 GX/FX, Rollei has now relaunched its wide-angle 6x6cm Rolleiflex that once was so popular with professional photographers everywhere. The new wide-angle camera is the perfect blend of the world-famous “twin-lens” with present-day operating comfort and top quality.
As early as in the sixties, the twin-lens wide-angle Rolleiflex gained world fame for its reputation of top picture quality combined with high reliability, ease of operation and advanced technology. Like no other camera before it, this Rolleiflex was a photographer’s dream come true when it came to mechanical precision and optical perfection. Reason enough for Rollei to relaunch this highly reputed model.

Today’s Rolleiflex 4.0 FW is an ideal combination of time-tried design and advanced technical feaures. Optically, for example, it comes with Schneider-Kreuznach’s new Super-Angulon HFT with an initial aperture of f/4 and 50mm focal length. Its low weight and compact design make the camera a pleasure to use. Thanks to all these features, the camera now as before is the ideal tool for scenery and group shots. All of us will probably remember the picture of Rollei press photographers shooting with their cameras held high above their heads, well above all those surrounding them. But the camera is just as handy for interior architectural shots, etc.

Rollei Rolleiflex 4.0 FW Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex Camera with Built-in 50mm f/4.0 HFT Lens

The Rollei Legend

Rolleiflex 4.0FW Super-Angulon 50mm F4.0HFT lens

Rollei Style

The parts are of brown cowhide leather with a crocodile grain. The back has chromium-plated edges that give the camera a sophisticated elegance. The logo on the front of the camera Corresponds exactly to the one that adorned the Rolleiflex cameras of the thirties. The well-proven carrying strap eyelets of the earlier models have also been taken over.

The Rolleiflex Legend

Photography has its legends. One of these is undoubtedly the twin-lens Rolleiflex for 6x6cm. When first Introduced in 1929, this style of camera was a sensation and the principle behind it was a real stroke of genius. The Rolleiflex was to have a Decisive influence on the history of photography during the ensuing decades. Wherever some event occurred that was to decide the course of history, someone was capturing it on film using a Rollei.

Super-Angulon 4.0F 50mm lens

This is why twin-lens reflex camera enthusiasts and top professionals have Rollei Repeatedly asked to continue this classic camera design – but with all the added advantages of modern technology. The result is the Rolleiflex 4.0 FW, the classic twin-lens design with the exposure features of a modern automatic Rolleiflex camera.

The format Rollei

Many photographers prefer the 6×6 format. It allows part of the image to be enlarged Subsequently in a horizontal or vertical format without any need to have the orientation of the picture fixed right from the start. 6×6 delivers more than 4x the area of 35mm.

The tiring “against-the-eye” viewfinder has been done away with and with it the uncertain feeling that some details could have been missed in the small image field. The large bright image in the ground-glass focusing screen gives the photographer the feeling of being part of the scene and a greater chance of realizing his / her creative ideas. The larger format so Ensures superior resolution for details Which is so valuable during slide projection.

Rollei Rolleiflex 4.0FW TLR Camera

(Left) Rolleiflex 4.0FW (Right) Rolleiflex 2.8FX

Ease of Use

The 4.0 firmware can be used as a companion camera to your automatic camera. The extremely quiet shutter makes it ideal for every situation where discretion is required. Its light weight and ease of handling is an advantage when you want to be at the ready for spontaneous photo situations where ranging focal length is not required.

Modern TTL exposure metering and flash metering at the film surface blogged the perfect combination of tradition and progress. In addition, the cmera features a fold-away crank that moves the film with a quick swinging motion, Simultaneously cocking the shutter and advancing the frame counter – quiet but Allowing multiple exposures. Other features include film speed adjustment of ISO 25-6400, cable release socket, lockable shutter release and flash hot shoe with center and control contacts for dedicated operational with any flash units using the SCA 300 system.

High Quality LensInside a Rolleiflex TLR

The 50mm f4.0 Super Angulon lens is a top-of-the-line lens design and features very small curvature of the image field and very high color correction. With the special Rollei HFT coating, this lens provides great resolution, excellent contrast and outstanding color brilliance. Color LED indicators helped stops in the viewfinder show “under / over” in exposure. The center-weighted integral metering characteristic is decidedly practical. Exposure balance is Obtained by the follow-up principle, with speed or aperture priority.

TTL Flash Control

Modern TTL flash metering so presents no diffulties for the 4.0 FW using the Rollei SCA 356 adapter and to automatic flash unit on the SCA 300 system With this combination, a sensor measures the light reflected from the film surface during exposure. The flash control electronics in the adapter Rollei 356 meters out the flash energy required for the exposure. As well as automatic flash units, any other other flash unit can be directly connected to this camera. The TTL automatic flash system is inoperative and then the flash control is provided by the flash unit.

In conclusion

the Rolleiflex 4.0 FW is the latest development in Rollei’s TLR camera series. It is a reliable, mechanical camera with 70 years of development behind it. These latest Rolleiflex cameras are familiar and easy to use. They feature a renowned Zeiss-licensed, Super Angulon 50mm f/4.0 Planar lens and incorporate center-weighted TTL viewfinder lightmetering with a read-out and the capability of TTL “off-the-movie” flash exposure. Compact, portable and quiet, the 4.0 FW is a successfully updated, classic medium format camera.

Rollei 4.0FW TLR Angles

  • Classic Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera
  • Built-in light meter with LED viewfinder display
  • TTL/OTF flash capabilities with SCA system compatible flashes
  • High performance 50mm f/4.0 wide-angle lens from Schneider-Kreuznach
  • Individual framing thanks to constantly visible finder image
  • Parallax correction
  • Interchangeable finder
  • Interchangeable focusing screens
  • Whisper quiet between-the-lens shutter
  • No vibration and no noise due to mirror bounce
  • Low weight and comfortable to work with


Camera Type Manual focus, leaf shutter, Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)
Format 6 x 6cm
Film Back/Loading Standard manual loading, match arrows, close back and wind to first frame
Film Type 120 film ONLY: 6 x 6 (12 frames)
Lens/Mount Built-in Schneider-Kreuznach 50mm f/4.0 Super Angulon; Equivalent to a 28mm lens in the 35mm format; Angle of view = 75 degrees; Bay IV filter mount size
Shutter Seiko mechanical lens shutter; Shutter speeds 1 sec. to 1/500th and B
Shutter Release Lock-able button release on camera body lower front; Accepts standard mechanical cable release
Self Timer Not Applicable
Flash Synchronization Flash synchronization possible at all shutter speeds; Standard PC connection for electronic flash connection on camera body lower front; TTL flash dedicated hotshoe on camera body lower side; TTL/OTF flash metering possible with SCA compatible flash units when used with optional SCA356 adapter
Exposure Metering TTL center-weighted manual exposure; Metering range EV 3-18; Centre-weighted average metering by two SI photo elements behind the finder mirror, five-LED display in viewfinder
Exposure Compensation Possible for TTL flash via ISO setting dial
Viewfinder Folding viewfinder hood is supplied as standard and is interchangeable with optional 45 degree and 90 degree prism finders. Parallax compensation corresponding to distance set. Interchangeable standard focusing screen is a split-image/microprism type with grid-lines. Note: This camera uses the same focusing screens as the 6000 series Rollei models; Viewfinder system: Heidosmat 50 mm f/1:4, four elements, coated, made by Rollei, bay. IV filter mount
Viewfinder Info Metering indication by five LED’s
Film Transport Permanent manual film winding crank located on camera body side which simultaneously advances the film and cocks the shutter.
Multiple Exposure Yes
Focusing System Manual with rotating knob on camera body side; Minimum focusing distance = .6m (1.7 feet)
Power Source PX28 type 6V silver oxide or lithium battery. Battery powers light meter only
Tripod Mount 1/4″ standard socket with integral mounting plate for rapid mounting with the optional Rolleifix quick-release tripod mount #96548
Dimensions 5.8 x 4.3 x 4.6″ (147 x 109 x 118mm) HWD
Weight 1.275kg (45 oz) (2.8 lb)

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