Nikon I

Nikon 1

Introduced in 1948, the Nikon I was Nippon Kogaku’s first 35mm camera, as well as their first rangefinder. Today, over a half a century later, the Nikon I is among the most sought after and rarest collectible cameras of any type, not just Nikon. The times were very different when this camera was made. In a heavily bombed and American military occupied post war Japan, it was on this camera Nippon Kogaku management bet the future of their company on, and won. Not knowing if their new camera would be a success or failure, the venerable optical firm of Nippon Kogaku called their new camera “the Nikon.” As time went by, the firm was renamed to match the camera. Nikon rangefinder collecting is very popular, second only to Leica collecting. Due to Nikon popularity and many Nikon shooters eventually becoming Nikon collectors, the Nikon I is one of the most sought after of all collectible cameras.