The Zoom 35 Nikkorex

The Nikkorex Zoom 35 has gone down in history as the first Nikon camera to use a zoom lens. Zoom lenses have been developed for film cameras, but it was not until 1959 when the first zoom lens for a camera: the Voigtländer-82mm f/2.8 36-Zoomar . This interchangeable lens SLR was made ​​for ” Bessamatic “of Voigtländer.

In November 1959, Nippon Kogaku put on sale on Auto Nikkor Telephoto Zoom 85-250mm f/4-4.5 for Nikon F. The possibility of working with different focal lengths, without changing the target, was well received by photographers of the time. Thus began the “era of zoom lenses” to cameras.

In 1963, he introduced the fourth model Nikkorex, relying on the zoom design, as an inducement to a lay audience and in need of comfort to take pictures. The addition of a zoom lens this camera was the one who originated the manufacture of tele conversion lens and angle for Nikkorex 35 and 35-2 , riding fixed targets, but management of these lenses was somewhat cumbersome.

43-86mm zoom f/3.5 used for Nikkorex Zoom 35 offers very reasonable results, so that the direction of the company decided to manufacture and interchangeable lens for the Nikon F. This objective would be very popular among Japanese users, who was nicknamed Yon-Hachi-Roku San-(four-three-eight to six).