Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera

Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera: Nikon is again pushing the limits with the 16.2-million-pixel D4 Professional DSLR which is causing a bit of stir since its launch back in January of 2012, Nikon attempts to improve upon its own D3S, one of the best cameras ever made and reviewed across the world since January 2010, So if  Nikon has managed  to take the D4 to the next level its going to be the camera choice for professional sports photographers. At first glance, the Nikon D4 bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor the Nikon D3- give or take some ergonomic tweaks to enhance shooting comfort. But it’s internal updates that have really made the photography world sit up and take notice.

The previous Nikon D3S was capable of producing images of superb quality made it a firm favourite with professional photographers across the world. Its emphasis on a fast shooting rate and great image quality in low light made the D3S the preferred camera of many sports, event, wildlife and press photographers. Wisely with the D4, Nikon has opted for the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ philosophy. The new professional D4 has evolved from the D3S but with some significant tweaks and improvements, the most important being the new 16.2-million-pixel FX CMOS sensor and improved sensitivity range of ISO 50- 204,800: an increase of 1EV at either end of the sensitivity range. The AutoFocus and metering system has been upgraded. Nikon quotes more than 45 improvements over its predecessor, all of which has improved both the handling and image quality of the new high-end professional DSLR.

Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera

Nikon D4

Nikon D4 Features

As already mentioned the Nikon D4 has a 16.2-megapixel FX CMOS sensor with Expeed 3 processor which makes the D4 noticeably faster than the D3S with 11fps without AF and 10fps with AF making it no problem keeping up with the subject you are capturing, and with a breathtaking expanded ISO range of  50- 204,800 makes this a superb working tool, the Nikon also has backlit controls, The Multi-Cam 3500FX autofocus module that has been much improved, offering 51 focus points and much better focusing in dark conditions. Nikon D4 advanced scene recognition which comes from the new 91k-pixel RGB sensor. Constant communication is maintained between the sensor, metering and focus systems with automatic face detection picking out faces to make sure they get properly exposed. Ethernet port allowing you to hook straight up to your media centre and IPTC information that can be added in camera, and with the added WT-5 Wireless transmitter, you ‘ll get HTTP and FTP access, and with two memory slots on offer, a standard CF slot, and a slotfor the new XQD format memory card means data will arrive quicker than Usain Bolt.

Nikon D4 Display

Noise, Resolution and senitivity

For low-light situations, the D3S is one of the best DSLR’s. The quantum efficiency of the sensor is very high for a full-frame camera, which allows the D3S to use high equivalent ISO sensitivities with low levels of image noise. The Nikon D4 resolution is 4 million pixels higher then that of the D3S, although this is a fairly conservative increase, it does mean the noise can be well controlled.


Nikon’s 1,005-pixel metering system, which has been used in a number of cameras over the past few years, has been dramatically upgraded for the D4, It now features 91,000 pixels, the new sensor does more than just meter the light, Nikon uses a scene-based metering system that is capable of recognizing elements in front of the lens, such as faces and then picking a suitable exposure. The  new 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor also helps provide the auto white balance settings for the camera.


Same system, but different. In resent years the Multi-CAM3500 FX system has been intensively proven in the field across a variety of full frame FX-format cameras, and has been a fundamental reason behind so many professionals deciding to change brands, the latest incarnation was implemented in the D3S, with refined algorithms to increase accuracy in low light.

Phenomenal speed and accuracyNikon 4D Multi-CAM3500FX

Experience the speed needed to keep fast-moving subjects in focus. With the introduction of the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor module, AF performance reaches new heights. Like its predecessor, the D4’s sensor module utilizes 51 strategically placed AF points that are designed to capture the subject in a variety of ways: by working together like a net to capture moving subjects or for pinpoint accuracy, by using a single AF point to home in on the exact place on the chosen subject. All 51 AF points of the D4 are usable with every AF NIKKOR lens of f/5.6 or faster. The D4 delivers high performance even in extremely low-lit situations. AF detection is fast and accurate down to an impressive -2 EV (ISO 100, 20°C/68°F), which is approximately the physical limit of human visibility through an optical viewfinder. Consistent, reliable performance can be expected at night stadium assignments, in poorly lit indoor arenas, theaters and any other low-lit venue. You can also choose to shoot with Nikon’s classic 11 focus points for quicker focus-point selection.

Dynamic-area AF

Dynamic-area AF allows you to choose from 9, 21 or 51 points. The selected AF point and the surrounding points cover a wide area to keep your subject in sharp focus, combining with continuous-servo autofocus (AF-C) of autofocus mode. The camera will focus based on information from surrounding focus points if the subject briefly leaves the selected point. Also, the D4 enables display of focus points that assist focus operation (including 3D-tracking mode)

Nikon D4 DynamicArea AF

Other D4 functions and features

  • Extremely durable shutter that has passed testing for 400,000 cycles
  • Magnesium alloy adopted for the very strong, durably body that is very resistant to dust and water
  • Nikon’s Integrated Dust Reduction System with Image Sensor Cleaning function
  • Effective sealing using O rings and packing make the camera more resistant to dust and water
  • Silent shutter-release mode for live view photography that almost completely eliminates the sounds of the mirror and shutter operation
  • A time-lapse photography feature, with which the camera automatically takes photos at selected intervals to record a time-lapse movie, which can be played back at 24–36,000x normal playback speed
  • Operation optimized for both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) shooting
  • Button backlights (illuminators) for increased visibility when working in dimly lit or dark situations
  • High-performance viewfinder, utilizing a glass pentaprism, with a frame coverage of approximately 100% (FX format) and magnification of approximately 0.7x
  • Four image area options for still shooting—FX (36 x 24), 5:4 (30 x 24), 1.2x (30 x 20), DX (24 x 16)—with viewfinder indicator that identifies the current image area
  • A 3.2-inch, approximately 921k-dot LCD monitor with reinforced glass and wide viewing angle; integration of the glass and panel reduce internal reflections
  • A virtual horizon that shows the degree to which the camera is tilted sideways (roll), forward or backward (pitch) with display in the monitor and viewfinder
  • White balance that can be adjusted in units of 10 K; white balance can be specified separately for shooting (white balance applied to images) and monitor display with still-image shooting in live view mode
  • Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.3 for significantly faster processing

Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie [NEW]

Image sensor size plays a major role in the artistic look of video: larger sensors deliver a shallower depth of field (DOF), while smaller sizes extend the depth. Using its full-frame FX format and 16.2 megapixels, the D4 offers three formats for Full HD video, recording in either FX-based, DX-based or 1,920 x 1,080 crop movie format. The FX-based format renders exquisitely shallow depth of field with beautiful bokeh effects and offers the fullest use of wide-angle lenses. It ensures beautiful movies even at high ISO sensitivity with minimal noise. When a DX lens is attached, DX-based format is automatically selected. This format is useful when it is impossible to get close enough with an existing lens. For extreme telephoto effects, the 1,920 x 1,080 crop format gives an approx. 2.7x increase to the focal length. Furthermore, this crop format delivers outstanding video quality and detail, obtaining 1080p Full HD. This versatility of multiple image formats, combined with the comprehensive selection of NIKKOR lenses makes the D4 a highly creative video capture tool.

Contribution to D-Movie shooting

The D4’s Advanced Scene Recognition System enhances not only still image shooting but also various controls used in movie shooting. It identifies light sources and human faces finely, utilizing the high resolution of the image sensor to deliver accurate auto white balance and exposure control during movie shooting, and improves the precision of subject-tracking AF.

Video recorded with the Nikon D4 by Corey Rich

For more information and prices please go to the official Nikon site:


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    I think there is one thing you have all forgotten – I actually own both Nikon and Canon – I said that right at the start of this post. I prefer Nikon, and accept that there is not really any difference and both are very capable. I also own Hasselblad and Linhof cameras with Phase One backs. They too are very good. And all are very reliable.
    Why would you be recommending someone move to a D4s (you said 4Ds) when it doesn’t even exist?
    And you have no idea what one would be like even if it ever does come. What makes you think there will be a D4s anyway? Why would you not recommend a 1Dx Mk 11? And why would you recommend a D3s and not a D4?

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      Its getting boring now. D4s or a 4Ds don’t really care. Why a D3s and not a D4 you know why.

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        It got boring a while ago, but no I still don’t know why you would be recommending a D3s over a D4. I have both sitting right here beside me right now, and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone who has set these cameras up properly say that a D3s is better than a D4 – it is not! No way! But more importantly, I am interested if you have genuinely heard anything about a D4s? Honestly, have you any real info on this model coming? I’m on the other side of the world, and we sometimes don’t get the low down until well after you guys, and I have not even heard of a D4s coming, but am wondering if you guys have?

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    Chief photographer at Colour Pixel Photography/ LookinAtU Originalz: I find Canon more reliable in all regards. I was shooting Nikon pre 1999 and had loads of problems with them like shutter breakdown, winder breakdown etc. One was on the F5. Supposedly a flagship camera in its day. I changed to Canon and have never ever had a breakdown like I had on the 3 Nikons I had in the film days. I would not feel comfortable doing a shoot with only one camera on hand if I was shooting Nikon. They undeniably do take amazing images with the right glass but reliability was an issue for me.

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      Fair enough Rowan, but I then must tell of my experience with camera brands, and their reliability. I have been in the photographic industry since 1977, with the company I own being in 3 different areas over the years. One of the companies I owned was a photographic retail outlet which we had for 20 years, and have subsequently sold (in 2004). We were quite a large retail camera store, selling most brands of camera and therefore I have a very accurate record of camera brand reliability, and repair and warranty claims register. The simple fact is that Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta , Pentax and strangely Ricoh have by far the best reliability record of all camera brands over all others in the popular range. Leica, Mamiya ,Hasselblad, and Bronica have a fantastic record in the specialist brands. But over 20 years, of the first bunch of brands, our records has Nikon at the top of the reliability chart, but not by much and Canon is closely second – close enough to say that they are the same. Ricoh comes in third which would surprise some, and then Minolta, Olympus and Pentax. In the latter category, Mamiya was first over Hasselblad and Bronica,

      Is this relevant? Well, it is 20 years of data, spanning many models and a huge number of cameras, so I think it is a fair register. I am quoting from the pro and semi-pro camera category. So with reference to your experience of Nikon vs. Canon, I certainly believe that any mass produced product can have some unreliability, but to dismiss Nikon as unreliable is not true on a grand scale.

      My own experience is that I have never had a Nikon fail over a lot of camera bodies other than from “wearing out” . For example, I have cameras that have failed after the shutter has reached 350,000 cycles (or so) which I think is reasonable. I also had an F5 and I still have it in fine working condition after about 100,000 exposures. I don’t use it any more – it is just in my collection, but I never found it or any other F5 to be unreliable. As an aside, I have a friend who bought a Canon F1, also a flagship, and I was with him shooting dawn beach shots when the camera was less than a month old, when it locked up. Canon replaced the body, and the second one had a major prism inaccuracy. Canon replaced that, and he used that one reliably for a massive amount of shots in some of the harshest conditions around these parts. Most of his lenses ended up riddled with fungus because of the humidity, but the F1 kept going. It too never failed, it was just pensioned off.

      I guess my point is that all brands are very reliable, and very unreliable depending which story you want to tell. Obviously, Rowan you are much more comfortable with Canon, and that’s fine, but others, me included are very comfortable using Nikon, and I am very confident of their reliability, based on experience.

      And as far as feeling comfortable doing a shoot with only one camera on hand if it were a Nikon, I absolutely agree – it is a machine of high precision and it can fail. So can Canon or anything else for that matter. Statistics suggest that they can and will fail with the same regularity, so to do a shoot with one camera of any brand is madness and business suicide, in my opinion. I never, never go anywhere unless I have 2 systems with me. Equipment failure is always a possibility – not just the camera body, so I believe it is essential to have 2 systems on hand for any professional shoot.

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        John I thought we were not using third party info e.g. “I had a friend”.

        What has happened in the past is old hat. What is happening now is the important issues. The current cameras do they do the job that you want to use them for?

        I had the opportunity of using the Canon 1Dx again due to a football hitting my Canon MkiV.

        Used this camera for several types of jobs. Football England vs Brazil, Gospel Choir in very low light conditions ISO 6,000, product shoot for Tennis rackets.

        I would change my other body Canon 5D mk11 for the 1Dx tomorrow. Anyone want to buy a Canon 5D mk11 camera drop me a line.

        I always carry 2 cameras bodies e.g. Weddings very important to have a backup. Touchwood never had to use it as a backup.

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          No Richard, you use 3rd hand information – I use first hand information. I had a friend who had a camera that broke – in fact he had 2 of them that broke – they were Canons – how do I know? I was there – in fact it was my company that sold them, and it was my company that had to be the “middle man” between he and Canon. Who made the phone calls to Canon Australia? Me – I was there – that is 1st hand information about a person who owned a Canon F1 that broke – I saw it in a broken state, and arranged for it’s replacement – personally – in the first person – 1st hand !!

          You seem to be confusing my story with those that tell of someone else saying that they heard of a camera that broke down. This one was not mine – but I was standing next to it when it broke – the only difference is that it was not one of my personal possessions, but the experience was the same.

          I bring up the past because Rowan above was quoting stories of his experiences (1st hand ones) of older model Nikons (F5 ) which ran from 1996 to about 2004 and so I also spoke of this era and earlier. He has certainly related the past to the present by stating that he would not own a Nikon today because of experiences with the F5, which is from 10+ years ago. It may not be relevant, and we are certainly using different cameras today, but he carries an opinion of today’s Nikons based on those of a decade or more ago. I told of my data and experiences of the same era which are somewhat different and more pleasurable.

          But boy there is one thing I will say about you guys that use Canon – and that is that you are very one-eyed. It’s like you all have shares in the Canon company, and are almost offended that some of us actually use Nikon and are happy with them. And when we say that , the next thing we are told is that we then must be accepting of a lower standard, because of the infinitely greater quality and capability of Canons, both in their technical ability and reliability. When I ask someone to prove it, by showing images that are so superior that Canon can and have shot but Nikon are incapable of producing, I see and hear nothing! Reliability – well there are always personal stories and experiences that influence individual opinions, but the fact is that across the board there is little difference between Canon and Nikon in terms of overall reliability.

          I use Nikon and am perfectly happy and satisfied with them, and I absolutely concede that Canon is just as good, and that either brand is superb.

          Yes, Richard, weddings are probably one of the most essential 2 body jobs, but I should not talk of weddings as I don’t shoot them at all.

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            Hi John Sorry confusion here. My information was also 1st Hand Information then, Important to get ones facts correct. I was also standing next to a professional photographer when they had a problem.! So no confusion on my side.

            One eyed Canon user. I was going to say the same about you and Nikon. I don’t have any issues with Nikon. I was just relating back on the D4 and whether Mike who posted the original question should move over too. Note I tend to keep my other eye open when photographing so that i can see what is happening outside the eye piece. Spatial awareness.

            My suggestion to Mike was to stay with Canon and upgrade to a 1Dx or move to a 3Ds or maybe in the near future a 4Ds. Mike shoots a lot major Tennis events round the World in all sorts of conditions. Heat, low light etc etc. This is my view based on my experiences. Hence posting on a Forum.

            Not knocking Brands just particular models, if you remember I was not that impressed with the Canon Mk111 which I used at one time.

            I will be meeting up with Mike soon so it will be interesting to see what he has gone for.

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    I have a D4 and in my experience it is better than the D3s. For example, I don’t think twice about shooting people at ISO 6400, if necessary, because I can still get relatively clean images at that setting. Which is one stop more than I would shoot the D3s at. The focus is fast even in very low light and the bottoms give convenient access to options I use often. It’s not perfect, but it is the best camera I have ever owned. Wish I had four more 🙂

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    I bought a 1DX in August and for the first 2 weeks thought I made a big expensive mistake. I had focus problems and other things that made me HATE it. After doing a bunch of reading, including the owners manual, things turned around and now you would have to pry my cold dead fingers off the trigger to get it out of my hands. I for one can understand what John was saying about the people hating there Nikon may need to read the manual again or change some settings. I also understand the concept of a bad batch of equipment, the next lot gets the fix. I have never been a Nikon fan, but I am glad they finally pushed Canon to make the 1DX.

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    To all you guys out there! I use Canon 1DX which I do consider quite an amazing camera indeed. All I can tell is that I cannot comment on the Nikon D4 as I was never a Nikon user but yes I can speak in high volumes about the 1DX – brilliant camera!
    Guys just enjoy what we do – snapping!

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    Richard – Yes, and the whole gist of what I’m saying is that they are both fantastic brands! Lucky in life – I have been so far – not in some ways (I didn’t win Lotto again this weekend) but in most ways I’ve been supremely lucky….

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    Matthew, John,

    If we listen to you, aren’t we also relying on second hand information?

    I’ve had good and bad bodies from the same manufacturer in both Canon and Nikon. I’ve switched from Nikon to Pentax to Canon and find that the camera varies a lot less than the situation. If God gave manufacturers the ability to make cameras that shoot color images at 51200 ISO, I find little to complain about. I started out in the 1970’s hating zoom lenses because of their soft edges. Today almost all of my lenses are zooms. I bought Canon USM II’s lately because they are the best available today and today is the time I had to buy.

    I don’t have the luxury of changing brands every two years as the horse race enters a new turn. I loved my Nikons, but jumped ship with my paper when Canon pushed the digital ISO envelope to 1600. My personal cameras now match what my bosses bought and stuck with because I am familiar with the controls (and those even change with newer models. I use what is economical and familiar. I only wish I could grab a new camera body on a whim.

    I admire both of you for your knowledge and passion, but for the common man on a limited budget, buy a camera you can get comfortable with and look through it, not at it.

    By the way, as you read this, it has just become second hand knowledge.

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      Although this is now getting a bit silly – No, my information is first hand – in other words, the information I give is based on my own experience, not me passing on information based on what someone else has told me. It becomes second hand when you take it and pass it on to someone else. In other words, when you tell someone else of my experiences with a particular camera, it is 2nd hand. I have only talked about what is my own experience.

      I agree with what you say about cameras. Get one , get used to it, and wring it’s neck. As far as I am concerned, a good photographer can produce good pics with almost any good quality camera. It is mostly the photographer’s ability that determines how good the pic is.

      Matthew, I absolutely agree with your reference to cultural differences when it comes to criticism. It is almost a hobby here to argue about one’s passions – putting forward one’s own opinions. We describe a true mate as one can be told they are crazy and have no idea what they are talking about, but we do it with a smile on our face, and over a beer. Sadly, some others are way too sensitive to differing opinions. You see, we don’t actually think any less of a person who has a completely opposing viewpoint, quite the contrary. It means that person is a thinker, and is not someone who agrees just to be polite. It is a genuine trait, not just politically correct.

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        Dialog beats monolog hands down. You are appreciated. If your in Oklahoma I’ll buy you a sweet tea.

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          Steve, I will hold you to it if ever I get to Oklahoma. And I’ll insist you blow the froth off a cold Queensland, Australian beer if you are ever over here. And we’ll certainly find something to argue about….:)

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            John – Your first hand information you choose Nikon. My first hand information I choose Canon. Enjoy your Camera and be lucky in life

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    That’s fine Matthew, but I wonder why you have to be all these disgruntled D4 user’s spokesperson?

    With regards, libellous statements – you said “When my photographers send in their pictures, I can see who is using a D4 as the colours as so out.”

    In your last post you state “AMA accept photographers submitting images when using any camera as long as they are sharp and have correct colour balance.”

    From that I can safely assume that the colours are always out if you shoot with a D4, and you won’t accept images if the colours are out (or as long as the colour balance is correct).

    These are your words, hence my assumption that you don’t accept images shot with a D4, but I’m very glad to hear that this is not the case.

    Perhaps you could urge some of these guys that hate the D4 to be more specific re their problems with the camera, because I genuinely can’t believe that there are so many problems. I do not have lower standards of acceptance than most, in fact I get accused of being somewhat pedantic.

    However, I do think we are repeating ourselves now, and we may simply have to agree to disagree, unless someone is prepared to come up with something that will convince either of us to change our minds ie. some pics, or some specific fault lists etc.

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      Never assume anything John – always ask!

      Problems are focussing and colours. Im sure they are OK for other types of photography but they are not up to standard when comparing the Canon X or D3s in terms of reliability. Most photographers dont come on here due to the amount of people with other jobs who have joined such groups in claiming to be professional photographers. It is considered something as a joke. I was thrown out of a so-called Sports group for questioning a lady who was a forensic photographer when she was offering ill-advised and terribly wrong advice in my opinion to a student wanting to be a sports photographer!

      The American community appear to be more touchy and less acceptable to any criticism than my lovely Aussie and European counterparts. Cultural differences and all that.

      In my experience LinkedIn is sadly not a place to network for professional sport photographers or picture sellers – hence not many I know are on here.

      But.. its nice to hear you have standards, call yourself pedantic and agree to disagree etc when on other occasions I would have received nothing but abuse. AND you have a great website showing off great work rather than an angry middle aged man working in an office but because he got a camera for Christmas and did his son’s wedding. I certainly would not join a Boeing 747 Pilots Group and claim to be able to fly a 747 🙂

      Happy snapping my friend and as I said be lucky you are happy with your D4!

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    D3s is a good camera if you were looking to upgrade based on what professional sports photographers have told me wait till the D4s comes along.

    With any improvement in camera bodies there will come a time when you need to upgrade your lens to get the benefit. That would apply to Canon and Nikon.

    I tried the 1Dx using the new 70m to 200m lens which for me was better then the one i’m using at the moment.

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      Richard, with all due respect, all you ever say is second hand information, “someone told me”, I’ve come across people having issues”, Last week I came across someone”, “2 people I know have had this problem”etc, etc. But you are a Canon user telling everyone what is wrong with the Nikon D4 based on hearsay. This is what I am always hearing – whinges about a camera from people who don’t actually use them.
      I do use Nikon D4’s and have no issues with them at all. I also have Nikon D3s’s and also have no problem with them at all. The Nikon D4 is an improvement over the D3s but not an astonishingly great move ahead.
      This forum post is so full of mis-information, I really can’t take it seriously. All I can say to Matthew Ashton above is you are kidding yourself if you own a sports photo agency and refuse to accept shots taken with a D4! Benefit – all other agencies. Getty do accept D4 images I can absolutely guarantee that, and not a whisper of doubt.

      To suggest that any improvement in camera bodies requires an upgrade in lenses is also way off the mark. Canon have forced it’s users to buy new lenses a few times in the past by completely changing the mount. Nikon have kept the same mount for many decades and altered the interface around the mount claws, so that a Nikon lens from the 1970’s and before can quite happily mount on the Nikon D4 if you want to. And yes, I am fully aware of the lack of autofocus, and the fact that you can only use aperture priority and manual exposure, but it certainly does work well allowing for some very nice options.
      For example, I have a Nikon 58mm f1.2 Noct Nikkor lens, which is without doubt one of the finest lens ever made in this class-I believe the finest lens in the 50mm group ever made.
      I use this lens on the D3 and D4 for track / velodrome cycling and no other optic I have ever tried comes close. This is particularly so when shooting night cycling at regional outdoor velodromes where lighting is average most of the time. It is sensational for other sports as well, so to say that you must have the latest glass on the latest bodies is rubbish. And yes, I do have the very latest Nikon lenses, and I do like them, but not for everything, and I am very happy to mount 20 plus year old lenses on to take advantage of their quality, or special characteristics.
      And, finally, with all the hearsay knocking of the D4 by Canon users, can you just show me some pics – yes upload them – that the D4 is not capable of shooting. And upload some examples of pics that are displaying bad colour that is the camera’s uncorrectable fault and not operator error. Show with examples why your agency could not accept images taken with the D4 because of it’s inherent in-built failings – not operator failings. I look forward to seeing them.

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        With all due respect John I can only give you second hand information because I don’t use Nikon. I’m passing on info. I have also mentioned Canon can and do have faults themselves. This is a forum used by professional photographers so I pass on information only from professional photographers. So what I have written is based on fact. This is not whinging,

        Mike asked a question and I have passed on information that I know. At the end of the day Mike should and probably use the D4 and 1Dx on trial.

        If you have no issues with Nikon great. But I will pass on information based on what I have seen and heard in the field of action.

        Lens choice you use what ever lens you want to use for the job. A lot of the times this is based on cost so you have to use what ever you have in your bag. I use new and old lens myself.

        Matthew has used the Nikon so he can also pass on information based on his findings. He is also a professional photographer and can have his say on this forum. This is what it is for.

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          Richard, obviously you and anyone else can have your say. But it is what you say that I question. And yes what you write is based on fact – but the fact is that someone told you that it is a fact – not first hand experience fact. And that is my gripe with most of these type of discussions. Just look at this and most like it. The vast majority of writers purporting to divulge facts are actually just passing on something that they have heard. That doesn’t carry much weight with me because every time I ask them to back their facts with some concrete evidence (as I did in my last post) no-one ever comes back with anything to support it. What I get is a defence of their right to express the opinion in the first place.That is not in question, but the validity of many of the statements in this post is zero. Matthew Ashton states that the Nikon D4 “performs very poorly”. Quantifying “very poorly” is impossible, and you can always wriggle out of those broad claims by saying “compared to” and then say a Phase One back or something but the suggestion in this thread is a direct comparison of Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx, and that is where statements that appear here are ridiculous. The fact is that both of these camera bodies are fantastic pieces of photographic technology and engineering, as was their predecessors. I probably could get shot down in flames for saying that because I don’t use the Canon, but I just know that it is magnificent, as is the D4. And I defy anyone to get a bunch of random files shot with both cameras, mix them up and display them full screen with nothing but the image, and then accurately pick what camera shot them. Because the determining factor with image quality will be the photographer’s skill. Neither of these cameras will be detrimental to a good photographer.

          With regards the reference to lenses and which to use, I agree that which lens to use depends on the situation, and that was exactly what I was saying, but it was in reference to your statement suggesting that with new camera bodies comes the necessity to buy new lenses. Again, not true – the manufacturers do make and release new products, most of which are very good, and certainly the ones I own perform impeccably, but it is not a necessity to buy them. This is one area where Nikon probably beats Canon, in that they have opted to maintain their basic lens mount without loss of features for many decades, making Nikon users over the years have a huge arsenal of lenses and lens mount accessories (like extension tubes, bellows, reversing rings etc) which still mount and function well on the latest bodies. Not so Canon. This does not make Nikon better than Canon, it’s just very satisfying and for newer users of Nikon; it allows peace of mind purchasing second hand lenses etc that they know it will fit.

          And no, I have no issues with Nikon – I have been a user of their products since 1978, and never had a bad body out of the dozens I have owned. If we just put this into perspective – the Nikon D4 is a fantastic camera. Any pro who can’t get magnificent shots out of the D4 is simply (to use Matthew’s words) “not very good”
          I buy my Nikons and use them a lot. I expect to get in excess of one million shots (shutter actuations) out of a body – over an expected 3 shutter replacements at about $600 each. This is my experience of D3, and D3s bodies. Each body will / has cost me about $6,000 and will earn me in excess of $300,000. Then I will pension it off and replace it.
          Those are facts – and that is good enough for me to call them a good piece of kit!
          And amongst those pics produced will be shots that I will be happy with, some that are good enough, some that I will get away with, and some that, even if I do say so myself will be crackers that I will be very proud of. And that makes the D4 a very good camera in my books.

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            At the end of the day, as long as everyone is happy with their own cameras then quite sincerely what is the problem?

            Opinions and loyalty to religions cause wars. Im not into that. Just chill and be happy your Nikon D4 is performing as you want it.

            If you can not accept John that other esteemed photographers have had severe issues with the D4 then that is your problem. I understand your points John, but I made mine from talking and discussing with professionals who used the D4.

            For the record I still have 2 F3 cameras sitting on my shelf in my office so I am not and never will be anti-Nikon or anti-Canon – I don’t care to be honest.

            Please John, as I said, celebrate the fact that your D4 camera performs the way that you expect and want them to. You are a very lucky man.

            For the record (and I feel it unprofessional to name names so please accept that)

            (i) one of my personal friends runs a company in Tokyo who shoots for the Japan Football Association and the League which Nikon are a main sponsor. Hence he HAS to use them! In the world of football photography the D4 is not up to standard hence the president of this agency has so far got through 6 D4 cameras. I was with him in December in Tokyo and he is still not happy.

            (ii) a photographer who was a mentor of mine when we used to manually focus with F3, who has done something like 18 winter and summer Olympic events, used his D4 for a few days then it went back in its box too. It was only at the Euro 2012 football tournament in Kiev when a Japanese Nikon technician questioned why he was still using a D3s that the technician took it upon himself to rectify my friends issues. Now he has a D4 which he says is “just about OK” but still prefers the D3s.

            (iii) One of my photographers got through four before Nikon accepted the cameras he had were below standard. He still prefers the D3s.

            (iv) A guy in London I know sold his D3s and got D4. His images are not as sharp as he likes and as a consequence is now struggling to get publications.

            (v) The photographer who Nikon used to brand the D4 in Germany, is a top photographer and someone whom I utterly respect. He actually featured in a promo film for Nikon to promote the D4.

            However when I went to a Bayern Munich football match, he was there using a D3s.

            To me that says everything.

            So, that is the criteria of me forming my opinion – using the words from my German friend on asking him how his D4 is, he replied in English with the word “awful”

            Perhaps if I shot in the fields of sports that you did then quite possibly the D4 would be OK, however when shooting in poor light the focus issue and colour issue that many esteemed photographers who work for rival agencies has thus lead me to believe that the D4 is ‘awful’.

            Canon made a huge blunder in releasing the ‘poor’ Mk3, which resulted in many going to get the Nikon D3s, but Canon have come back fighting with the X after the OK-ish Mk4. Now its Nikons turn to produce a camera that in many professionals eyes is not up to standard in many ways.

            The D4 cameras are faulty and in my experience Nikon have no rush to repair them to the levels photographers I know require.

            Lastly and most importantly, please do not write about mis-truths on forums and then write libellous information about those who you are trying to dismiss.

            AMA accept photographers submitting images when using any camera as long as they are sharp and have correct colour balance. You are close to writing a libellous fact in your second post which is utterly wrong of you that we do not accept images from a D4 camera. It is the photographers whose high standards tell them not to use them!

            I was a Nikon user who was disgruntled at their service in the UK, (in holland and Japan it is simply excellent) I saw many photographers who were and still are unhappy with their D4 so took the decision changed to Canon as I needed new cameras.

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    The 1DX is, in my opinion the best camera on the market but works best with the new lens that are available.

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      So, what new lenses from Canon.?. That means, that if you are a Canon user, you basically have to trade in your gear to get the most benefit of the new body. BTW..I am a Nikon user and am not upgrading at present. Have D3S and D3

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    I have also come across people having issues with the D4 re Matthew comments. If you use a 3Ds then you may better to wait till they bring out a D4s.

    I use Canon and had issues with the Mk111 which was a bad camera switched to the Mk4 a.s.a.p. and since not had any major problems. (Main issue with the Mk111 was focusing fast moving objects). At the Paralympics I used a 1Dx and I would buy one tomorrow if I could and replace the other body I have 5Dmk11.

    Some of my friends also commented that the Nikon service department did not offer a great service. Something which Canon I can only say I have had good experience so far.

    Last week I came across someone using a 400m lens with a extender that had locked. Nikon customer service say this is an issue but are keeping a low profile. In the last month 2 people I know have had this problem.

    Nikon are very aggressive in getting people to move from Canon to Nikon offering good deals. Keen to get you to move over perhaps not so keen to look after you.

    I’m happy with Canon and will not be moving over to the dark side.

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    Was with Canon for many years, all the way through to the mk3, then changed to Nikon. I’ve heard of issues with the Nikon D4. Not issues as such, just that you may as well stay with the D3s. But hey, Canon have a track record of screwing things up!! I have stories to tell about ALL my big glass. What about the mk3 ?!! Nikon will follow up with a D4s or whatever that will put them in front, then Canon will bring out a !Dxmk2….. Few people can keep jumping ship with the amount of cash involved. Bottom line, both marques are good. Choose either, in the long run you wont notice the difference.

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        Matthew, awful is a very broad word. For a camera to be awful, it really has to perform very poorly or not at all. I have both D3s and D4 and I would like you to be more specific as to why the D4 is awful.

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          it performs very poorly John. The fact most Getty Photographers I know use their D4 for remote cameras and prefer their trusted D3s speaks volumes. Another photographer I know has gone through 4 of them and is still not happy. Another encountered issues which ranged from non-consistent colours using the same settings on three boides to yet another who keep bugging me to borrow my as yet un-sold D3s as the focusing on his D4 does not suit his needs as a sports photographer. When my photographers send in their pictures, I can see who is using a D4 as the colours as so out. Hence my evaluation that they are awful taking into considering their price.

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            Matthew, with all due respect, you also must be having a laugh. I, unlike yourself am actually using both D4 and D3s cameras and what you are saying is absolute rubbish. If your photographers are sending in images that are displaying colours that are “so out” then I will confidently state that those photographers have simply not set the cameras correctly, or are incompetent. If you claim that you can determine a D4 image from a bunch, then I would challenge you to do so. I have produced thousands of images with D4’s and have not found any reason to question it’s focussing, colour capabilities or exposure accuracy, or anything else for that matter, including consistency from body to body. Of course, you could say that I am not as demanding as you or that I am willing to accept second rate imagery, and of course our standards of acceptance are something that is not able to be defined, but suffice to say that I do have a reputation of being quite pedantic and I do not accept second rate quality. I too can quote instances of organisations switching brands, in fact the newspaper where I live is in the midst of changing from Canon to Nikon D4 after testing them and being quite frustrated with Canon’s ability to consistently deliver results, particularly in low light. Personally, the only real complaint I have with the D4 is that it is not really much different at all from the D3s, so it is a rather unexciting upgrade, but as far as performance goes, it is extremely good. And as I said, this is coming from an actual user of the product – not someone who uses Canon and knocks Nikon.

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        Canadian Press wire service recently went all Nikon from Canon. With that many photographers, that must tell you something.

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          Yes Stephan, it’s an insult to our intelligence to suggest that Nikon’s flagship camera is “awful”, and “performs very badly”. Matthew runs a sports photo agency in the UK, and I don’t know what he does in that regard, but I would suggest that it would be business suicide to make a statement to the effect that his agency had a total ban on accepting sports images that are taken with a D4, considering it is a very popular serious sports shooters camera. And speaking as a person who uses the D4 every day, I am absolutely confident that the D4 is perfectly capable of shooting any of the shots he displays on his website(s). The problem when someone like Matthew comes along and makes a blanket statement like he has is he is suggesting he is in a position of technical and knowledge superiority than thousands of very competent photographers around the world. That sort of thing annoys me greatly, because we all know that both Canon and Nikon are extremely good products, to the point that any competent photographer could go out with either and produce supremely good images. And I defy anyone to pick what camera has shot a particular image (without looking at metadata), once it is in it’s finished state. If the D4’s that Matthew really are as bad as he says then they are faulty, or the shooters behind them are simply not up to it.

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    I have Canon’s new 1Dx and am thrilled with it’s performance. I shot a college field hockey game at 16000 iso with incredible results. 5 of my clients are colleges and I no longer have to setup my strobes to shoot volleyball and basketball. I can’t wait for Canon’s 200-400mm lens

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    I buy my own equipment, so I’ve yet to see a change in brand that would pay for itself soon enough. Ditto on Canon lagging behind Nikon for while in body design and performance, but with the later offerings like the 1D4 and 5D3 they have closed the gap considerably, and the new 1DX I’v not had the pleasure to play with, but I’m quite sure from the litterature that it will be a top performer. I’m a Canon user, respect Nikon immensly, but see no reason to change.

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    What is the view on the D4 – Is it as good as the 1DX? I have always been with Canon but am thinking of changing to Nikon. However, someone told me that the D4 was Nikon’s 1D Mk3. Is this right and so should I stick with the white?

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      Mike it depends what you are going to be doing with the D4. I use both Canon and Nikon, but I will state that I have been a Nikon devotee continuously since 1978, and have always had at least one of their flagship cameras (and some others) since then. Being unbiased, my opinion is that a good photographer can do a good job with either brand, but this is a sports photographers forum, and if that’s what you are asking about, then I think Nikon has the edge . Not so much in good light conditions, but in lower light, Nikon really comes into it’s own. I can think of 2 situations recently that the Nikon streaked away from the Canon. One was outdoor track (velodrome) cycling, where lighting was good, but not wonderful. The Nikon delivered good shots, the Canon struggled a bit. The other situation was extreme four wheel drive night speed stages, where lighting was very poor, and the cars were very quick. Nikon was streets ahead in this situation. However, some shooters are not going to get into this type of situation, but if you are likely to, I would recommend Nikon.

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        I heard the D4 has a few issues and you would be better staying with D3s. Canon have brought out the 1Dx which i used at the Paralympics. This is an improvement from the Canon mark 4.
        I also heard some of the Getty boys switched back to 1Dx because they were not happy with the D4.

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      I bought the d4 mainly for the new transmitting ability, not even a good idea, camera is great in every way except trying to send from nikons boasted capabilities. Can’t seem to find anyone doing it successful. Stay with 3s and wait on the 5

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      I loved my D3, then the shutter failed causing me to buy the D3s…From what I have heard about the D4 (good and bad) I will wait til the D5 comes out in two years.

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