Mamiya 645DF/DM System

Mamiya 645DF/DM DSLR Professional Photographers System

Mamiya 645DF DSLR

Mamiya a world leading camera designer and manufacture since 1940.

Mamiya 645DF: An “Open Platform” DSLR. Mamiya’s 645DF is modular in design, which means all of the components of the system—the camera, lenses and imaging sensor—can be updated individually as needed. For working pros, this is a plus. Mamiya DM Systems are digital solutions for photographers who take their art seriously and passionately, They have been manufactured to cater for photographers who want to take pro-level digital images with a professional feel that only a medium format system can provide. The Mamiya DM systems boast 35mm handling and speed, fully customizable setting and top quality photographic results. Images are shot in 19 bit Raw files with high resolution, exceptional colour accuracy and exquisite detail, on premium quality 22,28,33,40,56 and 80 megapixel sensors available, precision-matched with the world’s greatest optics. The system features:

  • Selectable Dual Shutter System- Focal Plane or Leaf Shutter (with use of LS-D lens)
  • Autofocus performance up to 30% faster than previous generations
  • Fully compatible with existing Mamiya 645F series lenses for focal plane shutter use
  • Focal plane shutter speeds up to 1/4000 second
  • Accept Mamiya Leaf Shutter lenses (LS-D series) for high speed flash synchronization
  • V-GripAir; Fully compatible with Profoto Air-equipped flash generations

Mamiya DM SystemWorld’s Widest Pro Software Compatibility

Mamiya recognises camera performance is of little value without equally powerful software options, Mamiya offers photographers the flexibility of processing files using either of the software solutions: Capture One or Leaf Capture, or you can choose to use Adobe Lightroom allowing the widest variety of professional processing software options available.

Leaf Capture™Workspace

Leaf Capture™Workspace

Modular Systems

The Mamiya DM continues Mamiya’s reputation of perfecting the professional modular camera system for the ultimate in versatility. Mix-and-match components as needed – perhaps a traditional DM configuration today; then if you wish, use it with a Mamiya RZ or 3rd-party view camera system tomorrow (via optional adapters). Compatible with Mamiya 645AFD, 645AFDII, 645AFDIII, and 645DF, Mamiya RZ67 (via optional adapter), Mamiya RB67 (via optional adapter), and 4×5 view cameras (via optional adapter) the Mamiya DM Series Digital Backs are a natural choice in our modular digital camera systems.

LensesMamiya DM Lenses

A comprehensive range of 16 precision lenses are available for the Mamiya DM System, all constructed drawing on over 60 years of experience and innovation. There are lenses suited for landscapes, portraiture, fashion, architecture, commercial and macro, furthermore all the existing range of Mamiya 645 lenses are compatible with the DM camera series,

Shutter Technology Breakthrough

The heart of the DM systems is the”DF” camera-core technology, developed by Mamiya, featuring two user-selectable shutter systems – Leaf or focal plane. In demanding daylight situations, photographers can use one of three new leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm, 80mm, 110mm), designed by Schneider-Kreuznach and manufactured by Mamiya, for predictable high speed flash for speeds up to 1/1,600 second synchronization to fill-in or overpower even the brightest ambient light. For more conventional situations, photographers can choose to use one of the other world-class Mamiya optics, from 28mm to 300mm APO, designed for use with the cameras’ focal plane shutter system. All the existing range of Mamiya 645 lenses are compatible with the Mamiya DM camera series.

For more information on Mamiya you should have a look on there official site:


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    I got myself a Nikon too, after playing around with my cousin’s camera and comparing it with a friend’s canon dslr, i just felt like it suited me better and besides I sort of got used to the controls on the nikon so it wasn’t a tough choice! Hope you’ll take more pictures using your dslr!

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