Fujifilm GW690 III Fig.9-12 copy

FujiFilm GW690 III

2. Take out the empty spool, fit if into the take-up chamber (located on the same side as the film advance lever), then press in the take-up spool knob.
3. Load the film in the film chamber (located on the same side as the viewfinder eyepiece), then press in the film loading knob (Fig.9)
• The take-up spool and film roll can be loaded easier by fitting in the top {camera top) side first
4. Positioning the film start mark
Pull out the film paper leader, pass it through the film channel insert the tip into the slot of the take-up spool, and wind the paper leader around the spool with the film advance lever.
Stop winding as soon as the film start mark on the leader paper is aligned with the arrow mark (downwards) on the right hand side of the film channel, then close the camera back (Fig.10)

• To prevent the film from slackening press down the leader paper near the supply side lightly with your finger so that it won’t buckle and wind the film advance lever firmly
• To prevent the film from becoming loose again when the camera back is being closed, use the film advance lever to keep the leader paper taut until you snap the camera back into place.

• If you are using 220 roll film line up the solid arrow mark (normal lead mark) with the arrow mark (downwards) in the film channel. Do not use the thin hyphenated line (long lead mark) (Fig.10)
5. Winding the film and positioning it for the first shot
• After loading the film, just wind the film advance lever as far as it will go. The exposure counter will switch from “S” to “1” and the shutter will cock by itself (Fig.11)
• Tear off the top of your film box and insert it in the film reminder slot in the camera back. It will remind you which film you are using (Fig.12)