FujiFilm GW690 III Fig 5-8

FujiFilm GW690 III

Loading The Film

1. Opening the camera back
To open the camera back, erect the camera back lock and press it down toward the camera bottom. (Fig.5)
To close it, keep the lock erect, press the cameraback against the body, then snap the lock down.
• The camera back won’t close unless the camera lock is erect.
2. 120/220 film selector
• Film Selector Lock (Fig.6-A)
While pulling the film selector lock, turn and set film selector for the film you are using as follows: (Fig.6) with 220 roll film you get 16 exposures, with 120 roll film you get 8 exposures and with 120 half-length roll film you get 4 exposures.
• Be sure to set the film selector and pressure plate for the film (120 or 220) you are using.
If you don’t use the correct side of the pressure plate, you won’t get the precisely focused picture because the film will not move into the exact focal plane.
(120 roll film is attached to an opaque backing paper over its entire length, but such paper is used only on the leading and trailing end of 220 roll film. The thickness of the backing paper causes a shift in the position of the focal plane and the pressure plate adjusts for this difference while keeping the film flat on the focal plane at one and the same time.)
If you switch the him selector after loading the film, caution is required because the counter may not reset as it should or the film may not wind property In such cases, the camera function I return to normal if you open the camera back and reset the film selector to the correct position.

If you are using 120 roll film, you’ll have to use the side of the pressure plate marked “120” and if you are using 220 roll film, you’ll have to use the side marked “220 (Fig.7)
To turn over the pressure plate just push it toward the arrow and lift it out.
3. Loading the take-up spool and film
• Spool Knob Release Buttons (Fig.8-A)
1. Pop out the spool knobs by pressing it the knob release buttons (small red buttons in the supply and take-up sides.)
(Fig. 8)
2. Take out the empty spool, fit if into the take-up chamber (located on the same side as the film advance lever), then press in the take-up spool knob.