Fujifilm GW690 III Fig 21-24

Fujifilm GW690 III

8 Taking flash pictures
• If you are using a small-size clip-on flash, clip it into the accessory shoe on the camera top (Fig.21)
• To use the sync socket, turn the sync socket cover with your finger in the direction of the arrow, then plug the cord into the socket (Fig.22, 23)
• Your camera has an X-contact that is electronic flashes will synchronize with all shutter speeds
• If you are using a flash bulb, use an M-class bulb With a shutter speed of 1/30-second or slower. If the shutter speed is 1/60 second or faster the flash will discharge but it will not synchronize properly and a large part of the light will be lost.


It is assumed that most of you who own a Fuji GW690III are professional photographers who will put the camera to hard use and who cannot afford to develop camera trouble in the middle of a job. It is therefore hoped that the following instructions and recommendations will be studiously heeded.
1. Using the shutter actuation counter
Your camera is presided with a 3-digit shutter actuation counter in the bottom which will tell you how many times the shutter has been used so that you’ll know when the camera needs maintenance. It counts 10 shutter actuations as 1: that is, if it shows 150, the shutter has been actuated 1.500 times. After reaching 999 (9.990 Shots) it will return to 000 with 10 more shots (Fig.24)