Fujifilm GW690 III Fig 17-20

Fujifilm GW690 III

• To take infrared pictures measure the distance of the subject with the focusing ring and set that distance to me infrared mark (red line labeled “R”) This will make up for the slightly nearer point on which you’ll have to focus. (Fig.17)
6.Winding the film and cocking the shutter
• If the number “1” is. Showing in the exposure counter, the shutter
blades will open and close when you press in the to or the front shutter release. To advance the film and cock the shutter for the next Shot, just wind the film advance lever two times.
• The first stroke will cock the shutter and advance the film partially the second stroke will complete advancing the film. The winding angle d the film advance lever will therefore differ on the second stroke with the amount of unexposed film left.
To test if the shutter operates or not, open the camera back. You cannot press down the shutter release with the camera back closed
If you are shooting with the camera held Vertically use the front shutter release It will let you hold the camera steadier
It you are Shooting indoors or nighttime pictures with a shutter speed of 1/30-second or slower, use a tripod and a cable release.