FujiFilm GW690 III Fig 13-16

FujiFilm GW690 III


1. Unlocking the front shutter release
If you can see the letter “L”, the shutter release is locked. To unlock it, push the front shutter release lock toward the lens so that it covers the “L” (Fig.13)
2. Built-in lens hood
The lens hood is built into the lens barrel. To use just pull it out. (Fig.14)
• Just pull out the lens hood while turning it. Thus, you can do it easier.
3. Setting the shutter speed selector and aperture ring
• Shutter Speed Selector (Fig.15-A)
• Aperture Ring (Fig.15-B)
Pull out the lens hood and set the shutter speed selector and aperture ring tor the picture you are taking.
• Be sure to set the shutter speed ring at the click positions. Caution is required because the shutter blades may not open if you set it anywhere between chick stops.
4. Focusing the lens
look through the viewfinder eyepiece center your subject in the viewfinder, and turn the focusing ring to make the double Images in the yellow center Spot in the viewfinder converge into one (Fig.16)
• Bright frame (Fig.16-A)
• Double-image center spot (Fig.16-B)
• Always line up your eye with the Center of the viewfinder eyepiece if you don’t, the yellow focusing spot will move off center of the bright frame and you won’t be able to focus the lens precisely.
5. Composing your picture
• Compose your picture within the bright frame. The top and left sides of the bright frame will automatically move and correct for parallax as you focus.
• Moving top and left-side frame lines. (Fig.16-C)