FujiFilm GW690 III Fig 1-4

FujiFilm GW690 III

Readying The Camera

1. Attaching the shoulder strap
• Buckle (Fig.1-A)
• Hoop (Fig.1-B)
Pass the strap ends through the camera’s strap lugs and adjust the strap length with the buckles (Fig.1)
• To pass the strap end through the hoop. push the hoop back a bit so tat you can do it easier.
• To carry the camera horizontally, use the strap lugs on both sides of the camera: to carry it vertically, use the two strap lugs on the right hand side.
2. Using the camera case
Use the soft case to protect the camera. (Fig.20
3. Putting on the lens cap
Just fit on the lens hood/cap to protect the lens from dust and grit. (Fig.3)
(Do not wipe the lens with silicon cloth because it will leave tiny abrasion marks on the glass. Take special care because dust and scratches on the lens can impair its sharpness appreciably. See paragraph entitled “Cleaning the lens”).
4. Attaching the viewfinder eyepiece
Just screw it into the eyepiece socket. (Fig.4)
• The Eyepiece (-1 diopter) on your camera is designed for people with normal eyesight.